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Health & Wellness Workshops

21 Days to Kick Start Healthy Habits

Kick-start a healthy eating journey and boost your immune system! Join me for a brief seminar on what tips you can utilize to boost your overall well-being through nutrition. 


We will discuss:

  • The Elimination diet- a food plan to reset your gut health and improve your overall wellness!

  • Learn the importance of eating a rainbow-boost immunity and strengthen your body! 

  • Tips to improve sleep-eight hours improves immune health! 

  • Stress Reduction- make time to relax and refresh! 

  • Increase Physical Activity- consistency is key!

  • Self-Care-show yourself some love!

Healthy Morning

Emotional Detox and The Power of the Breath

The breath is the gift of life! Do you walk around with a shallow breath or are we taking in life with every inhale? The breath not only affects us physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Join me as we talk about the importance of the breath for better grounding. The breath is such a simple act that has the ability to not only impact our overall health but also our overall outlook on life! 


Key Points We will Discuss

  • The Fight and Flight Response of Stress

  • How the breath effects our hormones

  • Tips to add breathwork into our daily practice

  • Better sleep and relaxation 

  • Decrease Anxiety

  • Guided Imagery 

  • The Power of being present

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