Dianna Herrera 

Health Coach


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Dianna is a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Health Coach and Functional Medicine Coach.  She is passionate about working along side others to achieve their optimal level of health through the art of an individualized plan.  

Through her own personal experiences of struggling

with hormonal issues due to Hashimoto's, a life long journey of weight issues, and anxiety she has learned the art of patience and self-love. Dianna will assist you in breaking down big goals into tiny steps that can implemented and built upon. Schedule a complimentary discovery call for more details and to find out if this coaching partnership is right for you! 


Types of Coaching I Specialize In


Establishing Healthy Eating




Lifestyle Habits



Self Care



Need assistance focusing on your health or wellness goals? Dianna is passionate about working alongside others to achieve their optimal level of wholeness through the art of an individualized plan. 

" Throughout the past year Dianna has been able to work with me on creating healthy options that I can implement in my busy on the go lifestyle. I am now making healthy food choices and implementing stress reducing habits like meditation and yoga while traveling. I now feel equipped to continue with these lifestyle changes."

-Ricardo Moran

Dallas, Texas

" Dianna has helped me see my life from a holistic viewpoint. Not only did she encourage me to take baby steps toward my health goals but encouraged me to take big leaps in other areas of my life. I am now more confident of myself and my

decisions to live a more vibrant lifestyle".

-Amy Mayorga

Dallas, Texas

"Dianna has helped me set realistic life and career goals. I have also

become more accepting and loving of myself. I started nursing school, made some major life changes and am on my way to achieving things I have been putting off for years".

-Guilia Scatamacchia

Miami, Florida 

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