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 Dianna Herrera 

Holistic Health Coach

F eatured on Voyage Dallas:

Dianna has a Masters Degree in Holistic Health, Clinical Education, Registered Nurse, Board Certified Health Coach and Integrative & Functional Medicine Coach.  


She is passionate about working with mature woman who are dealing with unmanaged stress due to menopause, career, relationships, ansignificant life changes. 


Dianna offers individualized and group coaching focusing on improved holistic health through better sleep hygiene, stress reduction modalities, improved nutrition though healthy eating patterns and supplementation as well as supporting clients as they explore and reignite their creative outlet.

She will guide woman as they rediscover and redefine transitional moments in their life.  The outcome will be better sleep, decreased stress and a healthier,  vibrant, more energetic  YOU!  


Through her own personal experience of struggling

with hormonal issues due to Hashimoto's, menopause, sleep and stress issues she has learned the art of patience and self-love. 


Dianna is ready to assist you in achieving  your optimal level of health!


 Schedule a complimentary consult and find out if this coaching partnership is right for you!